"I feel happier and healthier than I have in years."

- Beth

Meet Your Nutritionist

Alexa Aboudaram from Navigating Nutrients LLC is a functional nutritional therapy practitioner, gluten free practitioner, and thyroid and gut specialist.

Alexa helps folks struggling with thyroid issues and fatigue restore their metabolism and recharge their energy using an investigating, root cause approach so that they can finally feel like themselves again.

10 plus years of thyroid issues and eventually experiencing burnout herself, led Alexa to take her health into her own hands, becoming certified as a nutritionist.

She now supports folks going through similar experiences where she is able to marry her formal education with her personal experience, lending empathy and understanding to better support her clients outcomes and bring an additional layer of care to her work.

Alexa has worked with dozens of 1 on 1 clients where she helps them uncover the root of their health concerns and co-create healing plans that feel attainable, and aligned with her clients values, with an emphasis on sustainable, long term results.

She currently lives part time on her sailboat with her husband and dog, Lady, and part time in Charleston, SC as she serves clients internationally through her virtual practice.